Democratizing access to debt

We're developing a suite of blockchain based solutions for clients seeking debt capital.


Birch Global at a glance

Birch Global Group, Inc. will provide a range of financial services with the efficiency of blockchain technology. ​Our clients are business owners with the potential to benefit from blockchain technology. We form partnerships that create innovative solutions to unlock global liquidity.



We’re in pursuit of a common goal— to accelerate the debt capital markets transition to blockchain infrastructure.

Bobby Gilbert


John Graves

Lead Analyst

Parker Smathers

Senior Engineer


Access credit with a few lines of code.
Dinote is a dedicated capital provider for digital native businesses.

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Our perspective on alternative investing

Mar 31

Productizing our thesis with software

At Birch Global Group, we’re building a thesis-driven firm maintaining principles about internet businesses that guide investment decisions.

The core of this thesis is based on the growth potential of the online economy and its upside as internet businesses grow faster than the rest of the global economy. We’re starting with a focus on e-commerce, here’s why.

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